Youth Acting Summer Workshop

Summer Workshops for Youth (ages 15-18)

Come study with tomorrow’s stars at the Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio.
Two-week workshops are held during the summer vacation, from 10:30-15:45 at the Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio in Tel Aviv (located a ten minute walk from HaHaganah Train Station).

sadnatkaitzThe workshop includes:

- Theatre, film, and television acting classes

- Song and voice lessons

- Movement for theatre classes

- Stage fights and acrobatic lessons

- Artist workshops with Studio students and graduates: Alin (Alina) Levy, Danny Leshman (Hashminiya, HaBima), Don Lenny-Gabay, Tom Appelbaum (Born to Dance), Ori Laizerouvich (Zagoury Empire)

- Attend play rehearsals and talk to director and actors

- Meet with Yoram Loewenstein, founder of the Performing Arts Studio


A personal interview will determine participation in the course.

To schedule an interview and for any additional information, please call: 03-688-6514, Extension 0 (Drora), Sunday-Thursday from 9:00-15:30 or send an email to:

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For more information, contact us Sunday-Thursday from 9:00-15:00
Phone: 03-688-6514, extension 0 or leave a message here: